Turntable Records supports three groups of artists:

Resident Artists: Our Resident Artists are invited to join Turntable Records based on the quality of their music and the content of their character. This is the pinnacle of the label and as a result you will see a lot of these people across our website and at our events with singles, Eps and/or Albums available to purchase from the store. Resident artists also take the time to input into our emerging artists…

Emerging artists: Generally aged between 14 and 21 our emerging artists have been identified as hot prospects for the future. Artists on this pathway are supported to develop musically and personally and as such each individual is mentored by a resident artist and has the opportunity to access course in music technology, leadership and character development. Single releases and compilations albums from our emerging artists can be found in the store.

Guest artists: From time to time guest artists may be invited to collaborate with in-house artists or release individual singles under the Turntable Records label. These are likely to be one-off or short term partnerships but we think they’re pretty good so you should check them out too.