It all started off for Brandon in 2015 when he attended the Romsey Mill studio at the Meadows Community Centre. He initially wanted to become and MC but after a few months realised he wasn’t particularly gifted in this area and was much was more interested in the tech side of music! He attended Romsey Mill’s studio every Thursday; watching KD for the whole hour and hoping to learn something more about music production. Finally, he picked up the courage to ask KD to teach him how to produce beats and since this time has not looked back quickly realising that making music was something that really made him feel alive. Brandon was a quick learner and, after picking up production, mixing and mastering skills, started to move into the field of DJ’ing. Subsequently, Brandon played the opening set for Rapademic 2016 and this was the spingboard for him taking DJ’ing seriously.

In autumn 2016 Brandon started DJ’ing at an under 18’s event in Newmarket which, as well as raising his profile, introduced him to successful and well renowned DJ’s including DJ Sebadee. The result of this introduction has been an invitation for Brandon to join Sebadee on his upcoming European tour and particularly to open up an event in Bulgaria!

Brandon is committed to pursuing a career as a full-time DJ and is certainly on the right track. As he says himself; “knowing that I have achieved so much through DJ’ing throughout the past year has made me realise just how much potential I have. I have made a lot of friends and contacts all around the UK which can help me a lot to move forward in this career as I leave school this summer.”